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Meet Our Team

Alejandro Munoz (Founder) | All 4 Tires & Repair, Inc.

Alejandro Munoz (Founder)

Better know in town as 'Alex', Alejandro is the founder of ALL 4 TIRES. He came to the United States in 2010 wanting to live the American Dream.

Alex started as a tire and lube tech in a small shop in Ridgefield Park, NJ working for his father-in-law Rene. A couple of years later Alex was moved to a Service Advisor role where he had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of running an automotive shop. In 2014, after 4 years working in the automotive industry, Alex and his wife Nicole decided to move to Georgia and open their own shop. Recently, Alex has stepped out from the daily operation of the shop and is running and overseeing the company from the outside.

His number one hobby is to spend quality time with his family, travel, cook on his smoker and spend time reading about finance, stocks and psychology of money.

Lakiesh Ayarn | All 4 Tires & Repair, Inc.


Born in Ohio but has lived all over the world due to being a “military brat”. Lakiesha started as an All4Tires customer for years, and then in 2022 she joined the automotive industry as a Customer Service Advisor here at All4Tires.

Lakiesha has the perspective of being a customer who had to overcome numerous car troubles herself, so she is now devoted to learning everything possible in the industry to be able to best help others, like herself.

All4Tires has invested in Lakiesha and has paid for classes and training to help her learn about the automotive industry.

She has a 14 year-old son whom she enjoys spending time with, and one of her hobbies is cutting hair. She would love to own a female barbershop one day.

Humberto | All 4 Tires & Repair, Inc.


Born in Denver Colorado and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Humberto is a cancer survivor, a loving father and a husband.

He was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 10, and went through chemotherapy and treatments up until 2015 when he finally beat the cancer! Humberto is now healthy and dedicated to fulfilling his dream to become a fully certified technician, and All4Tires has invested in him and is paying for his school while providing onsite training and experience to ensure he achieves his dreams.

Humberto is currently our general service technician and is on a fast track to be a fully certified ASE tech due to being a fast learner and hard worker.

Humberto is known for his amazing personality, sense of humour, and ability to help each of our customers truly understand their vehicles. He doesn’t just tell you what is wrong, he shows and teaches you.

Humberto is a big car enthusiast, especially in the JDM culture. His free time is spent furthering his education in the automotive industry and enjoying time with his family.

Juan Daniel Castaneda | All 4 Tires & Repair, Inc.

Juan Daniel Castaneda (LEAD TECHNICIAN)

Born in Mexico, raised in Georgia. His family moved to the US when he was only 2 years old.

He loves playing guitar and drums. Very passionate about cars, his hobby is customizing Japanese vehicles. He also dreams of building a fast, custom vehicle.