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GA State Emissions Testing

We Are a GA Emissions Testing Station

GA State Emissions Inspection in Powder Springs, GA

As a motorist in the metro Atlanta area, you are required to get an annual emissions test to complete your vehicle registration. If you're looking for a certified emissions testing location near you, come to ALL 4 TIRES. We serve Marietta, GA, Powder Springs, GA, Austell, GA, and surrounding areas. Call (770) 575-9156 to talk with a member of our staff today.

When Should I Get an Emissions Test?

Georgia's Clean Air Force (GCAF) recommends testing four to six weeks prior to your registration renewal date. This ensures you have adequate time to respond in the event an emissions repair or retest is neccessary.

What Happens During an Emissions Test?

As a certified emissions inspection station, we comply with the standards set forth by Georgia’s Clean Air Force. Our facility features high quality diagnostic equipment for efficient and precise emissions tests.

  • During an emissions test, we perform the following:
    • Visual inspection of the catalytic converter to check for tampering or removal
    • OBD test to check the vehicle’s emissions control performance history
    • Fuel cap inspection to ensure your vehicle has an adequate seal

Vehicles model year 1995 and older are subject to a TSI test or an Accelerated Simulation Mode (ASM2) test as well.

Will My Vehicle Pass the Emissions Test?

Worried about whether you'll pass or fail the emissions test this year? GCAF recommends preparing your vehicle in the following ways to improve your chances of passing the test:

GA State Emissions Inspection in Powder Springs, GA
  • Check emissions components during regular maintenance. The most common reasons for failing a test involve are oxygen sensor malfunctions, dirty air filters, misfiring spark plugs, vacuum system leaks, and loose fuel caps.
  • Get an oil change regularly.
  • Replace the fuel cap securely; this is one of the easiest failures to avoid and only takes a quick look at your fuel cap.
  • Check the sealing surfaces of your fuel cap to ensure they are clean and in good condition.
  • Drive with properly inflated tires.
  • Get your belts and hoses checked for wear.
  • See why your check engine light is illuminated with a diagnostic. If it's your transmission, you should have it repaired before the test. Some transmission malfunctions can effect emissions, causing your vehicle to produce more than allowed by federal certification limits.
  • Check for part recalls, especially manufacturer warranties for emissions control system.

Well-maintained vehicles usually pass the emissions test first time unless there is a component failure that has not been repaired or manufacturer’s defect.

Standards have been set to take into consideration the age of your vehicle as well as the emissions control components available at the time your vehicle was manufactured. If your car does fail, it must be repaired and retested.

What if I Fail the Emissions Test?

You will need to get your vehicle repaired, and you will receive one free retest if you return to the original inspection station within 30 calendar days of your initial inspection (Note: 30 days includes the date and the time of your initial inspection).

Keep Georgia a clean and healthy state. Pay attention to engine performance and stay on top of vehicle maintenance. For more information about Georgia’s Emissions Testing Requirements, contact ALL 4 TIRES today at (770) 575-9156.

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